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  • April 04, 2020
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  • New Combined Retirees Group
    Updated On: Jan 07, 2020

    Throughout the past year, we've been discussing the possibility of combining all of our retirees into one organization to include both MSPTA and COA members. We are definitely stronger working together, collectively speaking with one unified voice. Particularly concerning ANY issues that impact ANY of our members in retirement.

    In retirement, we are ALL enlisted MSP retirees whether we retired as a Trooper or the Colonel.

    At the last retiree committee quarterly meeting chaired by Ken Knowlton, attended by both MSPTA and COA Presidents, our intentions to consolidate our retirees into one organization were officially recognized.

    This will require a change in our current dues structure. Annual renewals will still be mailed out to all of our current COA retired members in good standing early this year. Information on what to anticipate for dues will be included. We will NOT be requesting the usual annual dues with this mailing. Your current membership will still remain "active" and will automatically be extended until you receive a new dues notice from the consolidated organization (currently, their fiscal year begins in the summer).

    Current MSPTA by-laws allow ALL MSP ENLISTED retirees to choose active membership status regardless of rank at retirement. I have been attending the retiree committee meetings that will always include a COA representative.

    The MSPTA is also prepared to move to a new website / communication platform for ease of access through linked websites whether items are posted by the COA, MSPTA, or MAPO. There are many obvious benefits to having information available to ALL retirees through the websites or any external links to additional relevant information.

    This realignment will also result in increased PAC funding that will be available to support the interests of ALL of our retirees. This strengthens all of us in having solidarity, again speaking with one voice, especially if we need to get the membership active politically.

    Please be patient as we work through the process of consolidating our retired membership in 2020. Our intent is to provide a better return for your investment in membership. Any questions or concerns can always be directed to the board through the contact information available from the website.


    Paul Pummill

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