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MSP Bottle Breacher

MSP Bottle Breacher


MSP Bottle Breacher

This item was featured on the hit TV show SHARK TANK!

Hand-crafted 50 caliber bottle openers made by Military Veterans and made in the USA. Bottle Breachers are made from dummy ammunition and are completely safe. They have been professionally powder coated, not spray painted. This is a long process that takes time but keeps the finish for years to come. The brass is professionally polished, giving it the extra shine that distinguishes it from all others. Engraving is done with a Laser Engraver which creates a unique contrast between the engraving and the coating of the Bottle Breacher, leaving it with a much better finish that is clear and precise.

***SOLD OUT***


Pick-up will be on August 3, 2016, 11am-1pm, in the MSP Headquarters Lobby.

Michigan State Police Command Officers Association                  Post Office Box 27639, Lansing, MI 48909