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The official website of the Michigan State Police Command Officers Association.

The Michigan State Police Command Officers Association (MSPCOA) was founded in 1972.


We are dedicated to protecting your work place and employment rights working to secure increased wages, benefits, and improved working conditions for its members.

The MSPCOA is a registered Limited Recognition Organization (LRO) of the State of Michigan. It's a labor organization recognized by the state personnel director to represent employees in nonexclusively represented positions.

As an LRO we have the right to meet and confer with the employer in good faith regarding rates of compensation and other conditions of employment. Specifically:

  • The right to express the interests of its members.
  • The right to represent its members in disciplinary proceedings, civil service grievance hearings and technical appeals
  • The right to be heard by the employer, the employment relations board, and the civil service commission.
  • The right to union leave for union activities as may be provided in the regulations.

You are eligible to be a member of the MSPCOA if you are or have been employed by the Department of State Police as an enlisted command officer holding the rank of Lt. or above or any enlisted retiree of any rank. Please go to the "Member" tab at the top of the page for more information.

Michigan State Police Command Officers Association                  Post Office Box 27639, Lansing, MI 48909