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  • January 21, 2021
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  • Internet and Email Safety Tips
    Posted On: Feb 19, 2020

    Here's a reminder of some Internet and Email Safety Tips from our MSP Computer Crimes Unit:

    - Ensure your Virus Protection is up to date.  Some software is more expensive than others…Norton and McAfee are two companies that are reasonably priced (Disclaimer - MSP does NOT endorse either company…these are just two companies that are well known).  If you have Comcast / Xfinity Cable service, with most of their cable packages…they offer FREE virus protection software.

    - Ensure your Firewall Protection in ON and up to date for your computers.  This setting can be searched on your “search bar” on your computer…very easy to ensure it is on and up to date.

    - Ensure your computers, tablets, laptops and cell phones are up to date with firmware / newest “update”.  These “updates” can also be set up in your devices to “automatically” update / download when available.

    - Make sure you change your passwords and use DIFFERENT passwords for different apps/emails/logins.  Yes, we all do realize multiple passwords are a pain…BUT, if you have one password for everything…once a hacker “cracks” the one password…all of your info is now available.  We suggest changing your password every six months.  Use upper case and lower case…use special characters…your passwords should be at least 8 characters…the more characters the better.  For Example…  Instead of “mspk91917metro”…maybe MSPk9!9!7@MeTr0”…still the same password….just switched up a little.  The number one is a exclamation point.  The “o” in Metro is a zero (0).

    - If your email is compromised…  First make sure you log out of every device (meaning if you are logged in to your laptop, logged in to your phone and logged in to your home computer…log out of ALL devices).  CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD immediately and ensure you are fully logged out of ALL DEVICES.  Don’t use the same password for social media and your email!

    - We are seeing a ton of fraud with Google Play Cards, Green Dot Cards, Apple Cards, etc.  No government agency (Federal, State, Local, etc.) are ever going to ask you to “pay” over the phone with Google Play Cards, Green Dot Cards, Apple Cards, etc.  DO NOT PAY ANYONE OVER THE PHONE with these cards.  This is a scam!  Most of the time the “caller” is overseas / out of the country.  The IRS will not ask you to pay with these cards for your taxes.  The IRS will contact you through the US Mail…not over the phone especially for collection of taxes owed. 

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